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Garden Design

GardenMate allows you to easily create stunning garden designs.

Garden Design Software is an online internet garden design and landscape architecture application.

Design Your Own Garden for Free

You can using our Garden Mate garden planner with 3D preview.

Landscape Architecture

Our garden design software proves to be invaluable aid to any student or landscape design professional..

Garden Plan

Create and share your garden plans.
Garden Mate
Do you have an idea for your garden or are you looking for inspiration?
Garden Mate can help you. Browse through other garden designs or use our ready plant compositions to create your own design in minutes.
Create Your Own Garden Design
Create Your Garden Design in our application. We will let you see your design in 3D in any season and age.
Landscape Architecture
If you are not sure what to do with your garden plan, you can consult your ideas with one of our professional landscape architects. We will help you with any part of your garden design.
Garden Layout
When your garden design will be completed, you can order all the plants online or in your local gardening center. You can also find a professional that will do the work for you.
Garden Planner and 3D Visualization
We will remind you about all gardening tasks in your garden. You ll never forget about plant food, pruning and other plant care tasks.
Share your garden design with your friends on social networks, gardening forums or on your gardening blog.
Design Your Garden
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